Benefits that continue to return

Under the direction of the founding Chair Tā Mark Solomon, MCC is offering to partner with Mori land trusts to provide them with guidance and support to participate in the carbon trading market.

MCC will return Mana Whenua all benefits that can be attained when they register the whenua in Governments Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).

MCC understands and shares the values underpinning decision-making regarding whenua tuku iho and the importance of providing for future generations through sustainable land use. 

We have compared our services and products to other entities operating in this market, and to date, not one of them can offer the rate and volume of return that we can. The reason? We understand equal sharing partnership.

We consider your unique circumstances and develop a strategy to help you achieve your unique aspirations. Partnering with us removes the barriers to success and puts you in the driving seat. You determine your destination; you determine the timeframe.