Earn a return today,

(For Pre 1990 NZU's - Carbon Credits or existing forests registered in the Emissions Trading Scheme)

We are pleased to introduce to our Partners the chance to earn a return on their Carbon Credits Today.

We believe that;

  • Your Carbon Credits should be worked harder to deliver faster benefits back to you and your whānau
  • Your Carbon Credits should earn as much return possible, with no requirement of you needing to sell them
  • Your Carbon Credits sitting idle may as well be the same as stuffing money in a mattress and leaving it for the future
  • Your future upside is still subject to a stable market, however, now we can recognise part of that for you now


  • We know too many people are holding Carbon Credits right now, receiving nothing.
  • We want to inform those people that your chance to actually leverage them in a fund is right now.
  • We believe our Partners have a greater chance of protecting their Carbon Credits by mitigating market risks and instability than on their own.
  • We know just as well as some of you, that on every occasion now and then it's actually great to have extra cash in your pocket.

Our offer is unique and we're sure Māori landowners with existing Carbon Credits, or forest already registered in Governments Emissions Trading Scheme

will welcome this new solution.


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